The tradition of Cycle Brand Turmeric and Turmeric Powder dates back to 1952 when turmeric business was started by the grand father R.J. Mohamed Yakub Sahib in the heart of Erode town. Turmeric business was one among the various businesses run successfully by him. His sons took up the family business and his third son R.J.M. Hajee Mohamed Ebrahim was successful in establishing the turmeric business in his own brand name CYCLE BRAND in the year 1979.

The brand name was registered for trademark in 1980 and soon the supply chain widened and covered the whole of Tamil Nadu. With high quality products and high responsibility and punctuality in supply, Cycle Brand turmeric became a household name in Tamil Nadu

The business was handed over to the third generation and the heir to the throne M. Mohamed Ismail took the business to new heights covering entire South India. With innovative packing technologies and right choice of products, he was able to make the company one of the important organziations in Erode District.

Three Generations

R.J. Mohamed Yakub Sahib (1952 - 1973)

R.J.M. Hajee Mohamed Ebrahim (1973 - present)

M. Mohamed Ismail (1995 - present)